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A comprehensive analysis of human gait requires expensive instrumentation protocols and highly qualified staff, which limits the use of this biomechanical assessment technique. In view of this reality, Instituto de Biomecánica has developed the NedAMHplus/IBV application based on kinematic, dynamic and electromyographic measurements. NedAMHplus/IBV offers easy-to-interpret information for clinical decision making using a fast and simple protocol. The studies performed concluded that the results of NedAMHplus/IBV are reproducible and valid for gait assessment.


Falls are currently one of the most frequent and serious health problems among the elderly. Efficient social and health management from the preventive point of view stands out as one of the main objectives for tackling this problem. To address this, the IBV and the University Hospital of La Ribera, managed by Ribera Salud II UTE Law 18/82, are jointly carrying out a line of research to develop and validate new technological advances. The project presented below has served to ascertain the applicability and usefulness of the FallSkip tool in the context of visits to a Primary Care physician. The aspects evaluated include, among others, that of the time and ease of use, as well as the usefulness of the information provided in the assessment of the risk of falls with respect to conventional methods based on questionnaires and clinical scales.


The cervical whiplash syndrome caused by traffic accidents has a high incidence in Spain and, since there are no effective diagnostic tools, it is a controversial condition. This situation results in high personal and economic costs in nowadays society. Against this background, Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) has developed WAAS/IBV. More than 40 years of experience in biomechanical assessment have allowed the IBV to develop this objective, quick, simple and cost-effective biomechanical assessment system for the evaluation of the cervical whiplash syndrome caused by traffic accidents, based on scientifically validated methodologies.


Tuesday, 02 October 2018 10:46

Brain4Train midterm meeting

IBV will take part in this event that will take place in Milano (Italy), next 3rd of October.

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