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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 09:09

Valencia hosts an important international gathering of experts on innovation in sport

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The Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) will receive, as members of the consortium, professionals from the world of sport from five countries (Holland, Hungary, Finland, Poland and Belgium) to discuss the situation of innovation in sport and its capacity to favor progress in sectors such as tourism and health.

Since the European Union has put the accent on innovation ecosystems in sport there are many initiatives that are being carried out in Europe and among them the Inno4Sports project. This project aims to share the experiences of different European regions with different levels of development and experience in sport. The ultimate goal is to improve the functioning and efficiency of regional development programs that can help deploy the innovative potential of sport.

The project is based on the broad cooperation of the quadruple helix of innovation involving representatives of public administrations, the knowledge sector, the business world and civil society. All of them will be present in Valencia in this important international event.

 Enrique Alcántara, director of innovation in Sports of the IBV shows that with this initiative "Valencia these days becomes the center of the discussion in Europe about the policies and good practices that public administrations must adopt in order for sport to become in a motor of health, socioeconomic development, innovation and social cohesion ".

The participants will cover a very tight schedule that will dedicate three days to activities related to the Inno4Sports project and book the last day of the meeting with the regional partners of the Valencian ClusSport.

 During the first day the participants will be received by the IVACE to analyze the situation of Innovation and Sport in the Valencian Community that will be completed in the afternoon session with a meeting with the Municipal Sports Foundation in the Complex Esportiu Petxina for the presentation and debate about some of the initiatives recently launched and that will culminate in a bicycle tour along the old Turia river.

 From Tuesday 26, the sessions will take place at the headquarters of the IBV. The debates on this occasion will focus on how to promote innovation in sport through the necessary financing, both public and private. The project proposes a transversal approach in which, in addition to sport, interests similar to the development of other sectors such as tourism and health also coincide. The afternoon visit to L'Alqueria del Basket will make it possible to make known to outside visitors one of the most relevant patronage actions carried out in the Valencian Community to promote the quarry in the children's categories by businessman Juan Roig.

 The third day will focus on assessing the role played by clusters as promoters of innovation and, finally, on Thursday 28 will take place the ClusSport meeting, which brings together the components of the regional cluster of companies linked to sports. In the afternoon, the group will visit the sports facilities of the Universitat Politècnica de València at the Campus de Vera, where the IBV headquarters are located.

The successive meetings aim to share the good practices carried out by the regional ecosystems of the different participating countries in order to adopt those that allow improving the projection of innovation in sport as a driving force in other sectors of activity of great importance in our community as tourism and health. Therefore, at the end of each working session, the conclusions obtained will be collected to finally create a document that offers the main results achieved.


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